About the project

The project titled "HU HR Development Academy" was initiated by the Pannonia University in Nagykanizsa as the leading partner in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency in Međimurje, REDEA d.o.o. The impetus for this project came from an increasingly higher number of young and successful people who leave the country after graduation and no longer return to their places of birth. Both Zala County and Međimurska County are facing this problem.

As an attempt to seek a solution to this problem, the "EU Project Manager" specialist postgraduate study programme was designed. A total of 28 students from Zala County and Međimurska County are currently enrolled in it. The courses are taught in English in Nagykanizsa and Čakovec. The aim of the project is to educate people who will take an active role in developing the local economy, and who will continue to prepare and lead projects from different areas important for the cross-border region. In their final theses, the students identify developmental problems in their regions, connect with the local economy and the public sector, and prepare project proposals that contribute to a sustainable regional development.